In an increasingly competitive market, many security managers still possess no information about the importance of high-security lock for businesses. In order to make a commercial entity a secure place for all, high-security locks are finding their way well in the corporate sector.

But what is meant by a “high-security lock”?

While many locksmith Singapore service providers label their locks inventory as “high security”, yet these are not necessarily the same. The locks that have been ranked under Grade 1 category by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) can only be termed as high-security locks. For readers’ information, ANSI means the highest possible rating issued to a commercial or a residential lock.

Why consider ANSI high-security locks?

We recommend businesses to install ANSI locks because these are highly durable and can better bear extreme forces, unlike ordinary or non-ANSI security locks. The ANSI locks are also fitted with restrictive keyways, making it highly difficult for anyone to use lock-picking tools with it for trespassing or getting an unauthorized entry.

Immense Protection through recent advancement

The recent models of high-security lock for businesses are now coming with the key patterns that are patent protected. This advancement assures no key duplication without permission. Other locks may entail a keyless entry mechanism having programmable codes.
High-security locks have been developed to protect businesses against unauthorized entries, bumping or lock picking. A lot of brands are there to choose from. If you are confused regarding which one to choose, you can contact your nearby Singapore locksmith services provider for consultation and installation.
High-Security locks pass through intense testing
Most of the high-security locks are made from higher grade steel and mandatorily passed through a vigorous testing procedure for being highly resistant to destructive forces. The testing also ensures that these locks can also deal well with real-life hacks.
As per ANSI standards, high-security locks must be able to work flawlessly, irrespective of the nature of use; to prevent burglary attacks or to be used as normal locks.

What features should you look for in high-security locks?

As a general rule of thumb, the quality is the main feature that determines the degree of security a high-security lock brings to your business. Therefore, we recommend you to be really keen in your purchase, or else take an advice from a licensed commercial locksmith.
As discussed before, you must ensure that the lock is ranked as Grade 1 by ANSI, while the other features you should look for include its steel bolts for preventing inserts and pins and its withstanding ability against punching, drilling and sawing.
In order to prevent crowbar and ice pick attacks, it is recommended to fix a steel shroud onto the bolt mechanism. In addition, to have least chances of unauthorized key duplication, you can consider locks having patented key coding and control.
Lastly, we suggest you inspect a market first to determine various designs and finishes and guarantees offered by the brands. Price is another important factor, so decide smartly. Because of their high value and unique features, the high-security locks may come as a little bit more expensive than other ordinary locks.
The good news is that many reputed brands and even locksmith services providers in Singapore do sell these locks online. Moreover, you may also find these on some big home improvement stores and hardware retail shops.