What to do in case of Home Emergency lockout?

Getting accidentally locked out in the home is frustrating and sometimes threatening to life. However, such home or office lockout situations can happen to anyone anytime. Lost keys & damaged locks are some of the causes behind home emergency lockouts.

According to the Singapore Department of Statistics, the population in the country as of March 2016 is approximately 5.5 million, more than 50 percent of which is residing in public housing developed by the Government, while resting in private property such as condominiums, apartments and rented properties. However, most of the homeowners are unaware of even basic security tips that are helpful for avoiding unpleasant and emergency situations like lockouts. Before you call a pro & licensed Singapore locksmith services provider, you should do some measures to minimize the chances of consequent losses.

Taking pride as a leading provider of locksmith services in Singapore, we would like to share some of our experience to assist you when you are caught in an emergency situation.

  1. Keep yourself Composed & Relax

The very first tip is to keep yourself calm and composed in a home lockout situation. Tension and stress will hinder you finding the ways to come out of it. Panic makes unpleasant emergency situations even more difficult to handle. Therefore, it is important to keep a control over your mind so that you can think of possible solutions.

  1. Think of possible entrances

Being an occupant of your home, you must have an idea of all entry and exit points. Think of all those as there may be a chance that any door or window was left unlocked or opened by you unintentionally. If any unlocked window or door comes into your mind, try to think what furniture or accessories are on its way. Many households have used this trick that worked successfully.

  1. A spare key

Keeping a spare key or duplicate key in your home is always recommended by the locksmiths. In case if you don’t have it in the home at the moment and it is with someone else nearby your home, for instance, your neighbor, relative, family member or a close friend, then it’s the time to call them immediately and use the spare keys. Also, many households often forget that they do have a duplicate key in their home or not all family members know about it. It is better to communicate all occupants about the spare key and its exact location in the home.

  1. Call someone for help

If you are unable to use any of the tips mentioned above, simply call anyone in your contact list living nearby and ask for help. You may also call our quick 24/7 locksmith services hotline to get immediate help.

  1. Don’t hurt yourself trying so hard

In-home emergency lockouts, the worst thing is to break up a door, window or lock. This is not a safe approach for yourself while at the same time may also damage your valuables or property, leading to significant expenses.

We recommend you to get a locksmiths company that provide emergency services as they can reach the site more quickly and help resolve your problem without causing any damage to you and your property.

Home emergency lockouts, if not accompanied by extreme situations like home-fire, earthquake, flood or hurricane etc., can be handled easily if you remain calm & act wisely. Be used to check out more useful locksmith tips for the home user.