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Useful Locksmith Tips For Households

Fortunately, when the crime rate is on increase in most of the regions in the world, Singapore has been ranked as one of the safest countries with remarkably lower crime rate by Singapore 2016 Crime & Safety Report. Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index also grants Singapore the 7th rank among 168 countries on the list of least corrupt states. Singapore comes as a great example of how households and commercial property owners are provided high-end security measures and relevant services. Locksmith Services in Singapore contributes towards maintaining such a low crime rate in the country.

In order to keep all households proactive dealing with such situation, this article shares some helpful locksmith tips. These tips are for some vulnerable areas in the home.

  1. Main Entrances

The main entrances are usually the first spots used for unauthorized trespassing. Therefore, the main doorways and entry points, including the back and front door must be locked well.

  • Main entrances should be equipped with deadbolt locks.
  • Take a consultation from your licensed locksmith regarding the best locks.
  • Make sure to have locks that are over 40-45 inches away from windows or any glass.
  • Consider strong materials such as steel for making doors and main entrances


  1. Windows

Windows can also serve as an easy access to trespassers since they are mostly made up of fragile material like glass.

  • The sturdy steel bars should be fixed inside your windows to stop trespassers from breaking windows and entering. It is easier for the burglars to break the bars from outside and then break the windows.


  1. Cabinets & Safes

All your cabinets carrying important documents, valuables, and other precious assets, must have secure locks. As a better option, consider fixing a safe having secure lock system, especially if your home is a shared accommodation. Even if you are living alone or just with your family, these aspects should be considered since trespassers and unauthorized people can always enter the premises. Your pro locksmith service provider can easily fix the safe and equip it with safe locking system.


  1. Security Systems

The security system should be taken into consideration for ensuring full security all through the premises, especially if the home remains empty most of the time. While hiring a licensed locksmith service provider, look for his experience and qualifications needed to not only change the locks but also to fix a high-end security system in your home.

Usually, the home security system includes security alarms and cameras, particularly in big houses. The big houses are difficult to monitor 24/7 since there are many rooms and vulnerable areas that are hard to keep an eye on. These include backyard, outhouse, garage, basement etc. A comprehensive and centralized security system can also be accessed and monitored from outside.

By hiring a professional locksmith services provider located nearby, you are assured to have a secure home and a safe living environment. Following the mentioned safety tips will also add value to your safe home strategy.

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