For every property owner, security is one thing that should never be compromised no matter what. Securing your precious home ranks high up on the list of necessities and everything should be done for it. Sadly, most people take the security of their homes for granted. With all of the various crimes being committed nowadays, it’s never that simple. So, do yourself a favor and invest in your home’s security with the aid of a (24 hour locksmith in Singapore). Even if housebreaking-related crimes are at all time-low, according to a study conducted by the Singapore Police Force, nothing beats having more peace of mind when you and your loved ones are sleeping soundly at night.


Now, you may be thinking, how can I secure my home better? Sure, you can spend a ton of money in having a security camera system installed or get a pack of German Shepherds to guard your property and rip those would-be crime doers to shreds. That’s all good but let’s start with the simplest solution of them all – the lock.


Basically, locks are designed to keep your doors from being opened by anyone. They are meant to secure all entrances and prevent people that you do not know from entering your property. With that being said, it is of utmost importance to choose the best lock you can find. Otherwise, those with evil intentions will have no qualms in breaking into your house, steal your stuff, and do you harm. Finding a lock that suits you is easier than you think. All you need to decide on is whether you should go for the newer smart lock or for the traditional one.


Traditional Locks


If you head on over to the handyman store, chances are, you’re gonna see a lot of traditional locks on display. Now, these locks work when its mechanism is engaged manually by a key. The aforementioned key, after being inserted and turned, will make its gears and driver pins rotate. In turn, these pins will align themselves in a line and push out a metal rod that will insert itself in a socket installed on the opposite side of the door. Once locked, the door will not open, not unless the locking mechanism is disengaged by the appropriate key or if its dismantled by force.



Another kind of lock is the deadbolt and it can be found in most households. Deadbolts are usually classified according to their grades or their relative strength. These deadbolt grades start at 3, the lowest, and top out at 1, the strongest level. When it comes to maximum durability and strength, a grade 1 deadbolt lock is the solution most homeowners would go to.


You might be asking, how secure are traditional locks, like the ones found on door knobs and deadbolts? Well, they are actually resistant to any force that breaks them down if, and that’s a big if, they are used and taken care of properly. Any lock that’s not utilised well will be more prone to wear and tear. When that happens, anyone can instantly break your door with little effort.


Smart Locks


As opposed to the traditional ones that have been in households for a long time, smart locks represent a new wave of security solutions for the common joe. These locks are made with automation in mind. Basically, smart locks don’t need to be engaged manually or with the use of a key. Instead, they are designed to operated by smartphones. Yes folks, you read that right. Smart locks can be accessed, used, and even be monitored from the convenience of your mobile phone. That’s great and all, but how do these locks work exactly?


Your Smartphone Acts as a Key

Just like traditional locks, smart locks require a key for it to work. In this case, your smartphone acts as a key and it sends wireless instructions to the device to lock your door securely. Once it is locked, it will not release its hold on your door unless a specific order from your phone, and your phone only, will unlock it. Of course, it pays to have your phone charged all the time and this situation with smart locks reinforces that thought. If you don’t want to be locked outside of your home, better have enough battery for your smartphone folks.


If you’re in the position to purchase smart locks for your home, the first thing that comes into your mind is how secure they are? Well, just like traditional locks, they are designed and built to handle external pressure and secure your doors and property pretty well. The main issue with this kind of lock is how dependent they are on your smartphones. Once you misplace your phone, you not only lose your contacts and personal accounts, you will be also unable to find your only means of entry into your home. Plus, you also have to call on a certified technician to maintain smart locks for preventive measures, rather than waiting for them to break down. Now, there aren’t many locksmiths who are familiar in repairing and maintaining smart locks. Although it is possible, finding one you can trust can be hard.


Choosing between traditional and smart locks can sometimes be a battle between the tried and tested, and the newer way of doing things. When it all boils down to its function, any of the two will most definitely handle the job for you. At the end of the day, it is still your job to maintain these locks well so they can perform the best way the can.