Well, with the development in technology and introduction of high-tech gadgets, the scope of the work of locksmiths has widened. More and more complex locks and security systems have evolved. To keep pace with this evolution in technology, locksmiths need to upgrade themselves with the latest tools and systems available in this industry. Thus today, a locksmith does more than just repairing and replacing the locks. For instance, A locksmith can be good at duplicating locks, or might have expertise with complicated security systems, etc. It is you who need to identify the right locksmith service according to the kind of lock or security you have.
Let us have a look at the types of locksmiths and locksmith services in Singapore:

Residential Locksmith
Whether you are lockout of your own home or have lost your keys or have forgotten where you kept the keys of your house, apartment or condo, residential locksmiths come to your rescue. Residential locksmiths are the most sought-after locksmiths. They efficiently modify the lock system and provide a new set of keys to go with it. You can also ask them about the best home security locking systems to customers, and they would love to assist you in that.

Commercial Locksmith
If you are stuck in the office building or have lost the keys of the cabinet with the most important files, the commercial locksmith services can get your job easy. They not only help you get out of a panic situation, but also help the businesses in establishing the security of their premises and give access authorization to the employees. The biometrics authorization is an excellent example of commercial locksmith services!

Institutional Locksmith
People often confuse Institutional locksmiths with Commercial Locksmiths, but they are nit same. Commercial locksmiths are mostly hired as and when the need arises or on a contractual basis, while institutional locksmiths make it up to be a part of the employee workforce of an institution, mostly in the case of universities, hospitals and government facilities. However, the job of such locksmiths is not restricted to the locksmith services only as they are expected to perform other duties of an employee as well.

Forensic Locksmith
Well, forensic locksmith services are the most challenging services in the field of locksmiths. The locksmith not only needs to possess the expertise of a locksmith but also need to have an investigative bend of mind. Such locksmiths help in investigations of a crime and determine how and when a security lock or system was hacked and damaged. For this, the forensic locksmiths use a special set of tools that also help them gather proofs in order to identify the suspects.

Auto Locksmith
Auto Locksmiths or the Car locksmiths are another type of locksmiths that are highly in demand. They help you with any malfunction of your car security system or with spare keys if you have lost them or even replace locks. They have specialized set of tools that help them perform these services without compromising the car door’s lock or even its windows!

Emergency Locksmith
Emergency locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You can call them at any place and at any time of the day or night and they will be available. Imagine break down of your car in the middle of a lonely highway or the destroyed lock by some intruders, etc. In such emergency lockout situations, you would only need an Emergency locksmith who is skilled in his work. Emergency 24 hours locksmiths Singapore is also known as mobile locksmiths. Well some even refer to them as lifesavers, and they are not wrong in that at all!