Singapore is the most modern city in the Southeast Asia for over a century now. Just like other nations, it focuses on the latest technology you use every day. However, they have given less attention on the mechanical tools that keep your home and family protected. Locks and keys have been in the market for many years, but now they are having the biggest shifts from mechanical to electronic.

This is one of the most important innovations in security since the wooden pick lock was invented in Mesopotamia, 6000 years ago. If the old locks can enable people to leave their important belongings unattended, the future locks will serve as the keeper themselves. You can personalize your security system and keep track of who is trying to access your property.

The First Locking System

The very first locking system was discovered in the 19th century in the Palace of Khorsabad in Iraq ( It has a wooden design and is somewhat similar to the modern day locks or at least the principle involved is the same. The locking system during that time was known a pin lock. You can only open the lock if you use the right pin.

Then the Egyptians improved the Mesopotamian design. The design still uses wood as the lock but this time they use brass in creating the pins. This simple locking principle continues for over a century. It later spread over Greece and to the Roman Empire that has made major changes in the locking system.

As it reaches other nations, new locking systems were introduced and continue to change until now. The manufacturers of locks and other security system have been researching and studying to enhance the locking system. However, the burglars and other bad elements are also adopting easily and they were able to destroy and penetrate even the most advanced locking system.

Singapore Locking System Adapting to the Modern Technology

As the locking system all over the world becomes more advanced and complex, the locksmith services in Singapore is also adapting to these changes. They introduced recently the Singapore designed smart lock that does not require Wi-Fi. The manufacturer called it as the Deadbolt 02, this lock syncs with a smartphone to create a time-based secret key.

With the use of the secret code, the smartphone can make a new PIN in opening the Deadbolt, and neither the phone nor the smart lock can communicate with each other for these PINs to function. This technology is similar to the security tokens given by banks in Singapore. This stand-alone lock is used by high-end condominiums and other commercial establishments that prefer to spend a lot on security.

If a locksmith company cannot adapt to the recent changes in the industry, it will be hard for them to survive. They need to accept the fact that the world is changing and so is everything on it. The best thing they can do is to update their knowledge by undergoing trainings or attending seminars.

If your priority is the safety and security of your property as well as your family, you need to find a good locksmith in Singapore that can adapt to these changes. You need to decide which fits you better, traditional locks or smart locks.

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