Are you one of those who don’t stay at home half of the week because you never run out of errands, meetings, and personal affairs to attend to? Irritating and tiring, right? Even when you’d planned to stay at home the whole week, something would come up and you cannot say no.

If you fall under this category, you have all the reasons to learn and practice some simple but useful measures to prevent thieves from breaking into your house. This should be your response to the call of the Singapore Police Force to be vigilant in protecting your homes from thieves.

It does not take a genius to find out about these tips but the authorities say most homeowners overlook these simple measures, giving thieves the chance to take their precious and expensive possessions.


Beware of frequent passers-by

He might be wearing an electric meter reader’s suit, carrying a handyman toolbox, or pulling a dolly of a home mover. Little did you know, that passerby who frequents your house might be inspecting and observing your behavior in the house. He might be checking the time you go to work and the time you go home.

Don’t be fooled by this disguise. Be extra vigilant and examine, as much as you can, the appearance of these people walking in front of your yard.



Don’t leave any sign that you’re not at home

While you cannot avoid attending scheduled meetings, running errands, and going to emergencies, you can practice these techniques that will remove your house from the thieves’ prospect list.

Before you leave the house, play some recorded conversations inside and leave it on the background as if your home is not empty. Make these burglars believe that there are people inside so they will not bother getting in.

Instead of turning the lights on the whole day, put your lighting system on a timer mode. Otherwise, you’ll give them the idea that no one’s inside because the lights are on even during day time.


Extra protection during special occasions and family gatherings

Observant burglars who pre-plan for their attacks have a way to find out when you’re going to a vacation or when you will be away for a celebration that will last for days.

Don’t let them get complacent to break in when they hear the news about your vacation. Instead, make them think twice if your house is really unattended by asking your neighbor-friends to stay in front of your home to do some gardening (provided they are that helpful). Give them an extra favor by allowing them to park their cars in front of your house.


Safely lock to block any chances of break-ins

Splurge on security systems if you must. Seek the help of professionals who offer some of the most reliable locksmith services Singapore has. Consult them for the best locks and security systems available and let them install the same.

Even if it will cost your a chunk of your pay for the month, it’s a good investment because you really can’t buy the peace of mind you need whenever you’re not at home. Don’t settle for knobs that can easily be opened using the simplest tools of these burglars. And please, don’t ever hide a spare key outside.

Let these long-term solutions be your guide in protecting your home from thieves. Don’t give them even the smallest opportunity to enter, because once they are able to, the damage and the loss will be very difficult to repair.