How to become a locksmith?

Let this post guide you and give you an overview of how to take on locksmith as a profession.

Just like any profession, providing locksmith services in Singapore has its criteria and a price to pay. You need to undergo difference stages of training before you can earn the title.

You’ll need to complete the following qualifications:


Education, Training, and Apprenticeship

The requirements for education may vary depending on the employer. Some Singaporean employers accept even those who have completed high school only. The prospective locksmith should take courses in the following:

  • mechanical drawing
  • mathematics
  • physics
  • basic electronics
  • metalworking
  • English plus other business education

An aspiring locksmith must undergo formal training to learn the required skills. Training is available through a diploma or certificate programs offered by vocational schools, state locksmith associations or community colleges. You can also learn this niche skills by participating in online locksmith course too.

The training programs include:

  • Picking different kinds of locks
  • Make keys and duplicate keys
  • Repair locks in commercial and residential buildings
  • Understand the locks mechanics
  • Testing security after installing a lock

As an alternative to the training program, an aspiring locksmith can become an apprentice in Singapore. Apprenticeships are usually unpaid but can help trainees learn the legal, business and technical aspects of locksmithing directly from a veteran locksmith. Apprenticeship in Singapore may take 4 to 5 years to complete.


Working Experience

Before you can get your license, you need to work full-time in a licensed locksmith business for at least a year. Contact some local locksmith companies to find employment. If you perform well while you are still working as an apprentice, they might even take you as a regular employee. Good luck!

Learning how to use a drill jig, plug spinners, and broken key extractor are bread and butter of a locksmith. On the other hand, you will also need to know the software aspect like basic knowledge in blueprint reading, complex problem solving and computer skills.


Professional Certification

You can get an ALOA certification by visiting their website. Fill up the registration form and supply the needed information and documents. Pay the corresponding fee. The processing normally takes one to two weeks. Once accepted as a member you will get a welcome pack that includes the permanent membership card and certificate. You will be also listed on (

Acquiring an (SAVTA) certification can be done online. Visit their website and download the application form. Fill up the required information and submit. Forward the needed documents and wait for their confirmation email. (

For a country like Singapore that pays a lot of attention on qualification, acquiring certificate relevant to your practice not only enhance your professional image but also gaining a winning edge over your competitor. Aside from the above requirements,  it is a must to get yourself familiar with the laws and regulations governing the locksmith industry. Becoming a locksmith in Singapore is after all not a bed of roses. However, it can be rewarding because the demand of skill worker is always on the rise.