Useful Tips for Avoiding Lockouts

Sometimes amateur locksmiths can turn their back on a business client and the workplace ends up with an office lockout. If lockouts have become a common story, it is probably the time to re-invest in your locks to ensure workplace safety that may otherwise be affected by lockout situations.

Often, the office lockouts are caused due to poorly designed workplace’s interior and exterior. For example, for a room facing high traffic frequently and doesn’t carry important or confidential documents, a lock having handles on both the sides, is more suitable.

Here are some preventive measures tips you can adopt to avoid a lockout in future.

  1. Evaluate the lock change solutions

We understand that if you have decided to call a commercial locksmith for solving your business lockout issue, you are in high need of a lock change. Here are some options:

  • Keycard lock

This lock helps in avoiding a lockout at offices since each employee carries his or her own key. Since the key is like a card, the user can simply put it on the lanyard and hang around the neck. This makes a handy choice while key becomes less prone to be lost or missed.

  • Keypad lock

The key benefit of this lock lies in its password access. There is no physical key that can be lost, misplaced or even stolen, rather there is a 4 to 6-digit unique password required to be entered to unlock the door. Only the employees or relevant people are provided with the password details. In addition, if it is doubted that entry password is with an unauthorized person, it can simply be changed, avoiding a chance of a lockout.

  • Scanner locks

These are the locks that don’t even require any password, keys, and cards. These locks use biometric technology, recognizing the person’s fingerprint (usually a thumbprint) as an authorized entrant to unlock the door.  Hundreds of employees can easily be enrolled in the system. Once enrolled, they can use their fingerprint/thumbprint every time they want an entry.

This is one of the safest lock systems installed at workplaces nowadays. A fingerprint cannot be duplicated or changed. Usually, scanner locks are used in the offices or premises that carry highly confidential or sensitive documents and information. These locks cannot be doubted to cause a business lockout.

In case if you are still confused about the best lock for your office needs, you can always contact our locksmith Singapore services. Not just we help you choosing the right lock but our licensed and insured locksmiths also demonstrate the usage of a new device.

Others ways to avoid office lockouts

  • Putting simpler locks on inside doors can also be useful during a business lockout.
  • If your interior door is fitted with push button lock, you can easily open it by inserting a straight paperclip into its hole. Such locks are more suitable for bathrooms since locking out in the bathroom is worse.
  • If anyone is locked in the room having spring lock in the door, he or she can open it easily with a credit card. The card is to be inserted between the lock and door frame and then bent back to pull the lock open.

So, these are some of the easiest and most helpful tips to prevent business lockouts. For have more information or hire our 24 hours locksmith in Singapore, feel free give us a call right away.